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Wood Clock

Wood Clock

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The Wood Clock is perfect for teaching children the basics of telling time. Its straightforward design focuses their attention on the essentials - hours and minutes - for easy and fast learning success.

Features 24 hour clock on inner circle.

  • Age recommendation: 5+
  • Material: Wood

Playing with wooden clocks can have a profound impact on a child's development, offering a range of educational and cognitive benefits. These timeless toys not only teach children about telling time but also support their overall cognitive, fine motor, and problem-solving skills.

Wooden clocks provide a tangible and interactive way for children to explore the concept of time. By manipulating the clock hands and observing the changes, children develop a deeper understanding of the passage of time, the concept of hours and minutes, and the sequential nature of daily routines.

Wooden clocks enhance fine motor skills as children practice hand-eye coordination and dexterity when moving the clock hands. The precise movements required to set the clock to specific times promote the development of their finger muscles and coordination.

Playing with wooden clocks also encourages critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Children are challenged to analyze, interpret, and apply their understanding of numbers, spatial relationships, and measurement as they determine the correct positions for the clock hands. They develop logical reasoning skills and improve their ability to analyze patterns and sequences.

Additionally, wooden clocks promote numeracy skills by introducing children to numerals, counting, and number recognition. Through hands-on exploration, children learn about numbers and their corresponding positions on the clock face, building a foundation for mathematical concepts.

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